Cheating me on my face

Hi admins, devs, mods, and player of the rust.

About 5 minutes ago, we suffered my partner had an attack of a “cheater” is that while we were walking around the area, him entered our home, caught about 230 low quality metal and five C4 and to gone.
Then we come to the house to us a door broken with C4 stolen and when we went out to kill the disappeared in our face.
Not content, whereas we crafting a door and we expected the time to put it back, appears behind us, where there was no door and kill the two.
Then disappears again.

His name is IMNORMAL and we were in the U.S. West Coast. My name and my partner [LMC]Mortensen and [LMC]Elbanana.

I hope they do something about it and do not ask me to return the resources, but if you punish this player rotten.

Sorry bad english!

my eyes are bleeding ahhh lol just pickin on ya but next time use search man there are way to many threads about hackers/cheaters/buttheads in general.

report cheaters here

what he said ^^^