"cheating previously"

I sethhacked back in the day and I deserved the ban. This last update rebanned me with “cheating previously”. I wanted to know more about this

Edit: I found out a friend of mine who was sethbanned is still able to play.


Sorry for it being so small, but this sparked my interest.

I Got banned today too but Iv never hacked, I dont know where to get a gmod hack but it says Cheating Previously. How do I resolve this issuez?

Ya I mean it’s so random. I don’t think there is a way to resolve the issue unless garry throws out another update fixing it.

Now, out curiosity, how did Garry figure to ban these fellows?
Are there any plans for a ‘probation’ program that would allow them to play again?

Is there anyway to become un-banned once banned?

Or is this some sort of clever scheme to make hackers re-buy the game on a different account and repeat the process whilst drumming up more sales of the game?

Before gmod 13 came out a very popular hack called sethhack was widely available for 25 bucks. Garry figured a way to detect it and have around 400 people banned from muitiplayer Gmod. After this happen sethhack shut down and gmod 13 came out in which all 400 people were unbanned. This is why I’m confused about this ban, as I haven’t used any sort of cheat sense seth hack and I have friends who used it that are able to play.

Same here, will Garry fix the issue?

Did you guys’ actually never use sethhack or any cheat? If so I find that even more strange. Garry first need’s to be informed about the issue then will probably fix it.

Well, considering that one doesn’t ‘accidentally’ implement a ban list, I’d hope he’d at least give the unknowing folk who were banned a chance at playing again, but on probation.

I was banned today to. I had seth hacks but it was more like a trial for a hour my friend let me get it a long time ago just to see how it looked and worked. And plus we did it on a lan server not online. Not to sure if that would affect anything or whatever. Can someone get me Garry’s email so i can try to talk to him about helping everyone out? I cant find it for some reason.

I already emailed gmod support and put in a support ticket. Able, the fact that you used sethhack shouldn’t matter, what makes me confused is why I have friends who are not banned that got banned from seth hack and I was banned from sethhack but I’m banned currently.

I have no idea mrt638. And thanks for putting in the email. Hopefully its just a bug in the update. I think something like this happened a few years ago i cant remember what it was but a had a few friends with connection problems after a update. Thanks again.

Well, the one thing I’m curious about is that, if these aren’t VAC bans, is he allowed as the games author, to ban specific players from playing his game?

I don’t know of any other instances where this sort of thing has occurred, so I’m unsure as to if it goes against any valve policy, but probably not considering he has already done so in the past.

It’s perfectly legal. It’s like PunkBuster for BF3, every developer has an option to use VAC or there own anti-cheat.

Im banned aswell :L Yet I never used any hacks (except 100% LUA ones what I had created myself), but none what bypassed SE. I did use a installer back the gmod12 days, which was unusual, yet I still did it. (Cant really remember why, maybe was a bit high).
I know some sethhack users aswell, but they arent banned. Maybe some of the servers I had played in gmod 13 were hacked or some stuff.
Help please :S?

If you’ve never cheated then post your SteamID and I will show you proof that you have cheated.

Ones very curious if you could indulge :smiley:

Are any of these new bans for bypassing sv_allowcslua recently?

This whole “I have never cheated” thing is stupid. If you are willing to cheat in game, you have to accept your fate of getting ban. Lying about it just makes you look more stupid.


Not mine, but someone who wants to know. He just got banned while he claims that he never used cheats.

I have never cheated post gmod 13. I know this for a fact and I know you won’t be able to find evidence.


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Garry I know I used seth hack before gmod 13. You unbanned all the seth hackers post gmod 13, I have many friends who were banned and aren’t currently so I assume seth hack has absolutely nothing to do with it.