Cheating / Scripting

I have spent over 7,000 hours playing Rust. While playing I’ve recorded over 3,330 hours of footage. I have recorded so many cheating Instances it makes me cringe that it’s this large of an issue. This is a game I adore and will play regardless of the cheating/scripting. I would ask if anything is being worked on to combat the issues. I know Tarkov has gone through similar issues. They now hardware ban.

Cheating will always be an issue because people that suck in life. I just hope FP does something to preserve the game.

In my humble opinion they need to slow down on the content and get some optimization in place. My frames continue to drop from all the content being added to the game. All in all the best game I’ve ever played! Just needs some TLC.

You can always report them through the Facepunch support but I concede this is not a viable solution.