Cheating Server Admin Velius - "The Tampa Bay Wasteland - New Player Server" My Story.

I picked this server becuase it was low pop and low ping. I figured I could make some friends that where local and enjoy the game. I have been playing here for about 5 days now. I had a nice setup. Stone and Armored multi tiered/leveled base. Expermented with the new walls. Made a friend. Gave him a base I raided and secured. Problem came up when I went to go back to my base, I went the wrong way and found this HUGE base out on one of the cornors. It had stone walls around it. Poorly designed as I could climb a rock and hope over it. Well after finding this base I went back to my friends base and got him so he could see it. We went over there and a player named “Velius” came out to the top part and started shooting at us with a Assult Rifle. Ofcorse he was not hitting much becuase of how far away we where. Both my friend and I pulled out our Bolt Action Rifles and started shooting back. We hit him a few times but he would run back into his base and heal. We were not trying to raid him at all at the time. So I didn’t have C4 or my rocket launcher on me.

We left him alone.

About an hour later I came out of my base and cought him on one side about to blow open my wall. Fully armored with the best armor in the game. I still killed him. I took bleeding damage and also died but as it was at my base. I just went to my sleeping bag, jumped out and got all my stuff and his. WOW 40 c4 - Rockets, land mines, gernades, Mats taking 1 spot in the 100k’s. I couldn’t even hold all the stuff he had on his body in my WHOLE base with making like 40 large chest. I figured this guy HAS to be the server admin and he cheated to get this stuff. So I go to sleep and wake up the next day to find the server ROLLED BACK 24 hours. I was like, “really…” All that work I put into my base and gathering stuff gone. So I was like FINE I will just take his base. So I got all the c4 I had, 5, and went to his base. The player was not online and I blew the first level door off. There was a second door. Blew that one off as well. In the first level I go. The whole base was Armored. I mean completely armored. First level had a repair table and a research table. Armored door to second level. CRAP only 1 c4. I looked around and was there was a chest with a pin lock on it. Pulled out my sword and beat that thing to death. 10 c4 pop out. WOOOT!!! second level door gone. Up the stairs middle of this room was another room with a door and stairs up to 3rd level. Blew open that door and there he was sleeping. KILLED HIM DEAD. again, mats in the 100ks in a single square. I took every thing I could and stole his base. I put multi doors, requiring 3 doors per level and the second level u had to clear min 3 walls or 6 doors to get to the middle room. I ended up building a jail for him with a sleeping bag assigned to him. He used it and got stuck in the jail for like 5 mintes and he cussed at me. He commited sucide finally.

I took alot of this stuff back to my main base. Made more storage areas. Upgraded my entire base to armor. Use multi layering to protect loot. I used up about everything he dropped. I ran out of stone. So I go stone hunting. He is still logged in. After filling up my invitory I head back to my main base. I find it basicly distroyed. Very little is left. This server admin used his powers to distory my base becuase he didn’t have the skill to do it legitly. So I go back to the other base I stole from him. He had taken it back. All doors removed and remade… What a sore looser.

Whats my point? I and my friend where his only serious players and now we are not playing there anymore for obvious reasons. Is there any recorse I can take like, having his server removed from the public list, becuase I would hate from someone else to invest 5 days of there life just to have some noob called Velius, who is so unskilled he cheats his way to victory.

No, there’s nothing you can do except stop playing there. It’s his server and he can do what he wants. If he runs a shitty server, he will develop a reputation of having a shitty server and it’ll die.

Stop taking an alpha so seriously while you’re at it.

Who said I was taking an alpha seriously? Note I put the humor icon on this story. Also, are you always this rude to people? I don’t really know you so I don’t think it’s your place to be telling me what to do.

You did:

The simple fact is that there’s nothing anyone can do. It sucks that the admin of that server turned out to be a power-tripping idiot, but just find another server and let the guy wreck his own reputation.

How do you get taking a game seriously from that? I have invested years into a game before. I just didn’t want someone to waste 5 days of there life there. What so serious about that?

the idea that you have “invested 5 days” sounds like someone taking it pretty seriously to me. it’s nice that you have told us, but this is a common story. anonymity + power = stupidity. some server owners just host so they can boss people around, so if he’s a prick just move to a new server.

Don’t needlessly argue with the only people that bothered to reply to your thread. What they said is the truth: the guy can do whatever he wants with his shitty server. Spread the word to your friends that it’s a bad server, but don’t do it on these forums since it doesn’t belong here.

Our group played on [UK1] a few weeks ago and got a base set up after wipe, had been playing there for a week or so and had no issues, but out of nowhere after 2 days an admin decided to destroy our base and a few others in the area with a rocket launcher just for fun.

It sucks but nothing you can do.

For this kind of thing, more people need to get into the mindset of both checking and leaving reviews (Good or bad) on sites like At least this way there may be a noticeable impact on players, but I guess for every 1 person that checks up on servers there are 20 more that don’t care and will join anything.

Alpha or not - if people are spending their money on it, they have a voice.

Afaik Garry’s opinion on it has also been pretty clear - ‘If you dont like it, find a new server’, it isn’t really the dev’s place to decide how people run their own servers that they pay for, even if they are run awfully.

No, it isn’t.

Just because someone has a particular job, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good at it. And opinions have varying amounts of truth and validity.

who the fuck writes a 3882 character essay without taking something “seriously”?

You pay money to buy Rust, not to play on someone’s private server. The server owner pays for his server, so whatever he chooses to do is his choice. He’s free to do as he wishes. However, while owners may be free to do as they wish, there are consequences to their actions. Being a shitty admin means people will leave the server, and it will be a barren, empty place.

So the simple solution is just to find another server to play on.