CheatPunch Banned For No Reason

i was playing on a server when i got disconnect for no reason when i tryed to reconnect it said connectiontimedout (Cheatpunch_VAC_BANNED)
im rly upset and i want to understand why i was banned, i had no hacks on
Pls Unban Thank you
EDIT: It was a VAC Ban, i have no clue why

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

VAC banned indicates one of your files were modified during game play and detected by valve. This is the result of a 3rd party program you more than likely were using to gain unfair advantage.

Unfortunately this isn’t something facepunch can reverse.

A quick reminder. Just because the cheat program says it isn’t detected by VAC, it isn’t necessarily true.

It was a VAC ban because you did something. Maybe a map overlay or something of the sort. Contact Valve and make your case but it is pretty rare to see it overturned.

Nobody on Facepunch can help you. The only one in charge of Valve Anti-Cheat is Valve.

You dun fucked yourself buddy, you will never be able to play rust on your current account again and it’s all thanks to your overwhelming desire to troll, grief, and cheat.

i think i know why i was banned
i download and test hacks to see every aspect of them so i can pick people out of the croud
using them, i recently downloaded a unity based hack, and when i quit the game i didnt end the process and when i ran rust , i think the anti cheat detected the hack that was running in the background and banned me, i dont know but i think that might be why i was banned
if thats the case i will forward this this to Valve to get this ban hopefully lifted

VAC doesn’t lift bans.

This is said in every ban appeal thread.

Yeaaaah, Right.

Probably the worst lie for cheating I’ve seen. Don’t bother contacting Valve. It won’t be lifted.

Wouldn’t know myself, but you probably could have seen footage of “hacks” on Youtube. The odds of Valve unbanning you for claiming you downloaded them to study them is slim to non existent. Good luck regardless.

i know, if it comes to ill ask for a refund or possibly a lift off the ban

Good luck, you are entitled to neither.

Don’t bother. You cheated.

Well I think we have the reason for the ban. If it was still running and detected your intentions are not relevant. Get a new Steam account and buy a new copy if you wish to play again. The game looks like it is about to get much better so in the future try to stop any program that could be flagged before opening Rust. Also if what you said was correct I have a better chance of having a three way with Jessica Alba and Scarlet Johansen than you have at getting your ban lifted.

You’re an idiot. VAC doesn’t look for programs that might modify files, it looks for files that have been modified. If VAC detected the cheat while you were playing Rust, it’s because the cheat was actively modifying Rust.

well rust is a unity game, the hack modifies the first unity based game it can find and will attempt
to inject itself into the process and thats what triggered vac

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not for rust, so that’s irrelevant

Why would you download a cheat that hooks into just any old Unity game? I don’t understand why you would have downloaded cheats in the first place but you did… sooo you clearly deserve the ban.
That’s all there is to it. You cheated, you got banned, you will not be unbanned. Buy the game again if you’d like to play, perhaps try without cheats this time.

Irrelevant aside from the fact you cheated in Rust.