Over the next couple of days you might find yourself not being able to join the official servers. You might be getting a message saying you’re banned.

It would help us a lot if you would confirm that you have been cheating, have been banned anc cheatpunch if working properly. that way we’ll be able to roll it out to all the other servers faster.

If you find yourself banned and are positive that you haven’t been cheating then please post your full 64bit steamid in the thread and we will look into it.

We won’t tell you exactly how cheatpunch works because we want to catch as many cheats as possible. It’s been running for 4 days. Right now we have 4,573 bans in the database.

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Cheaters never win.

In advance, everyone who knows Facepunch Studios a little bit: It’s the stuff they do. They’ll not go around announcing how great their anti-cheat will be. Instead, one day you come online and see 4500 cheaters have been banned.

Check if you (or “your friend”, “your cat”) are banned:

winners never cheat

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based garry

Ypee ypee uhaaaaaaaaaa! Thanks for the efford guys!

Well this is an interesting turn of events!

Nice work!

Will cheatpunch replace VAC or is it a per-server thing?

It’ll work with VAC. We’re still looking at 3rd party anti-cheat too.

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I hope it will work good! ty for the information
it’s not hacks, but could you read this thread i opened about exploits and bugs?
it contains every exploits,bugs and problem that ever happen to me in rust (over 70)
i hope it will help you the devs

Thanks for this!

Hopefully will operate well.

That’s really good news!

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Please don’t use punkbuster because it doesn’t work and it forces the user to have a 3rd party properitary client running.

I doubt Garry will force people to install a third-party program on their client… at least if it doesn’t work properly.

fantastic news, cheating is the #1 issue with the game.

not sure how many cheaters will be fessing up, but I expect plenty of people claiming false positives. hopefully they post here so we know to ban these “totally not cheaters” from community servers!

good news

Lmao, funny how some of them can’t take a hint…

This is awesome, thank you Garry. Punch those kiddies right in the cheats

wait… so you want people to admit they have been cheating? lol why dont I see that happening :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great work so far Garry!

This is great, and so much needed. Thank you guys for your hard work. I just hope everything is working as it should so this can be released as soon as possible!