Chechen rebels fire at invisible Russians - Scenebuild

comments would be nice

seriously, comments would be real nice.

nice scenebuild and posing, though somethings off about that muzzleflash i cant tell why
maybe the fire-thing looks a bit distant from the nozzle itself?

Where do you get that tall grass from ?

Well I used an ingame emitter, I didn’t edit it in.

Resistance and Liberation

edit: fucking bugged facepunch cuts off part of the picture, for me atleast.

No i got the same problem

You could have, you know, positioned it a bit more to the back.

What models?

fuck those dirty chechen bastards, and the fat georgians

Medal of Honor.
the AK74, i hexed, the Mosin nagant is from BtZs red orchestra 2 stuff, RPK is from a pack trek made.

I’ve got Georgian heritage, that wasn’t very nice.

Chechens are wankers though.

Where did you get those custom pine tree models from? Like the one on the far right of the second picture.

Everything to do with foliage is from Resistance and liberation and Half Life 2 Episode 2

Trains are also from Ep2