Chechen Republic Ambush People

lol, crappy work that no one will comment on.

Click me for awesome full version.

lol medic patch, lol 3rd pereson.


actually quite nice but why is light on the medic patch
also the Molotov isn’t projecting any light.

Looks great, nice editing.

Pretty generic, nothing special. But still, it looks great.


Look closer bro.

I did nothing on the ground or anything around him.

there is light, just not a lot.

Why is there an abundant amount of cardboard boxes everywhere?

Cause they can’t afford any garbage men.

This all the fucking comments? Jesus, I love doing this stuff, but seriously… come on…

I do try, and I’d like to have feedback on what is done terrible or good, or anything.

thanks for the clear up.
after realizing the size of the fire I feel stupid.

Lol, np. I -was- going to put a fire in window of the windows, to have more of destroyed city look, but… it just looked odd :S

I read the title as “Chichen Republic Ambush People” Damn you brain…


Chichen? Lol. I guess you can pronounce it that way o.O

So what if it’s generic ._. It’s not like anything else on here isn’t.