Chechenian thug kills U.S Army soldier patrolling the outskirts of Kandahar.

WARNING: This is my first pose ever, I just got Gmod yesterday, I tried tutorials on how to pose and here it is, my first one, no editing (no experience), it sucks, but please, give critic, you are free to rate whatever you want, but please

No harsh critics

I have the feeling this will suck. Sorry, my first pose, my first post in this forum.

Don’t do decal blood, or at least at that texture res level.

Also, is he against a wall or against the floor?

not too bad. generally you should avoid posting your first poses - wait until you get the hang of it and a grasp of editing. that said, what’s done is done and it looks okay. need to turn your graphics up as high as you can - don’t worry about the performance hit, you’re just doing it for the picture. as for the posing, it looks a bit stiff - work on making it a bit more natural. granted, the guy just got shot in the head, but he just looks off somehow.

also, try to make it feel real. right now I’m looking at a dead guy. where’s the chechen that did it to him? any witnesses? any other soldiers around that could fight back / avenge their comrade? make your pictures into a visual story. and don’t be afraid of criticism - it’s the only way you can find out what you’re doing wrong and how to fix it.

He was recently shot and dropped dead “after” the image was done.
Hence the reason of the floating glock, he dropping to death. And thanks for feedback
Ill have a look at video quality in my “next” pose.

@massn7 Thanks for feedback dude, yes I am getting the hang of it, currently practicing with citizens.
And yes I did pose the Chechen, but i am afraid as of posting 2 pictures, I forgot to edit :frowning:
Here is the chechen I posed:

Thanks for the feedback again dude!

Yeah… definitely need to turn those graphics up. Sharp visuals make or break pictures. I’d recommend looking into some finger-posable models if you’re going to be making more of these types of scenes. That way you can make your characters hold their weapons more realistically.

Alright, looking at this Chechen, the first question I have to ask: what is his left hand doing way out there? Swatting a fly away while he brutally murders a soldier? Jokes aside, he should be holding that gun. Shotgun recoil isn’t light - one handing a shotgun like that can lead to interesting (and inaccurate) results. On that note, try and look for pictures of people shooting higher caliber weapons (doesn’t have to be a shotgun, but it’d be ideal). Your guy is leaning way back from his weapon, like he’s scared of it. Should be tucked tight into his shoulder and he should be leaning into it, or he’s gonna get a good whack from his gun when he fires.

Remember to take your story into account as well - he just shot a man in the head with a shotgun. At the very least there should be some more blood around. In your first picture, I assumed he’d been shot with a handgun. Also, I know it’s not your fault, but I’d look into getting some different skins. That Chechen looks completely derp. Look into getting some image editing software (if you can’t get Photoshop, GIMP is a good alternative) and find some tutorials on how to use them. Above all just keep practicing, that’s the most important thing.

Oh God, their faces!

Well, I imagined that the Chechen already shot the guy, you know, those times when the murderer taunts the victim? Well, he did it in this case.

Well, yes, I gotta get Fingerposable model, there is some fingerposing in the talibans of the pack, but I didnt want to use talibans.

I see the shotgun as light, take in account the proportions of that chechen, it made me think he could taunt the guy.

So overall, in my point of view this happened:

U.S Army Soldier patrols the Kandahar outskirts. A masked guy appears from a nearby street pointing a shotgun at him, the U.S Army soldier draws his gun apparently too late and gets shot in the head, the Chechen thug, taunts him (Removing the grip arm) and leaving the scene just to get caught by nearby Anti-Taliban fighters.

Hope this clears up somethings. And I have GIMP, gotta look into it!

@The Castro: I know rite.

You’ll want to turn your graphics up.

I’m confused. Does this mean you don’t want us to use bad swears in our criticism, that you don’t want us to tell you it’s terrible (which it is, you can improve with the suggestions other people have already given), or that 5omeone and I aren’t allowed to post in this thread?

title is awesomer than picture.

What the fuck is a Chechenian.
And what is a Chechenian (correct way to say it is Chechen) doing in Afghanistan?


doing the whole ‘foreign fighter’ thing that a whole bunch of other random countries are also doing.

the toughest taliban fighters aren’t actually afghan at all.



You can use terrible, just not something like

“What the fuck stop using brown”

Why not?

Well, screw it, you can use harsh critics then :slight_smile:

Rossmum, you are 100% allowed here, please teach me how to be teh posing king.

A big tip is to try the pose yourself to see if it feels natural. Obviously not everyone has a rifle or somehing handy, so if you can find something of similar shape, size and weight and use that.

Also, look up photos of people doing whatever it is you want to pose.

You might want to fuck around with finger poser to get the ‘handgrip’ on guns. Just fiddle around with the dots on the hands.