Check if model exists and looking for an addon

I remember seeing some code that was ran via client side and it returned if a model existed on the client. It was used to see if css was mounted but some people downloaded the models and stuff and I don’t think that would count as css being mounted in lua. Is there any way to check if a specific prop (maybe models/props/cs_assault/money.mdl) exists for a client?

I’m also looking for an addon that was released a while ago here, it was used to check server performance and was once for sale. I’ve checked about 15 pages in on the releases section and I can’t find it.

For your first problem, I believe you can use

file.Exists with the path argument set to “GAME” to see if a certain model exists, even if it is mounted. As for your second one, I believe you are looking for DBugR. I can’t seem to find the release thread easily, but there’s the github page.

Yes thank you! That was the thing I was looking for. I’ll also check file.Exists, thanks a lot.

You could check the global model table for the “nicename” of the model.