Check if player has picked up a prop client side.

Is there possibly a function to check if a player has picked up a small prop(object) client side?

If this helps: I need a function client side that can check if the player has just picked up a small prop, and if so play a sound.

Do you mean with the gravgun?

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If so, here is the hook.

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Yeah I guess that was dumb lol, the hook I gave is serverside. Sorry lol.


There doesn’t seem to be a direct way.

However you can always use the net library to notify the client.

So use net.Start in the GravGun Hook and send it to the player who was given in the parameter. In a client file you can then use net.Receive. See the link above on how to use the net library in detail.

Can’t you just do this server sided, then Network it over to client?
I agree with MrRalgoman’s second post