Check out our masterpiece!

Hey guys,

Zuddles and I worked on a super awesome PvE building! I have attached a video of the building below, but if you would like to come see it in person, we will be giving personal tours all weekend! RadiatedSavages is what you should look for! It is a PvE-Day, PvP-Night server with lots of great players!




This is super funny, great work - I love it when people interact this much. It just requires a bit of imagination and your weekend is set for a night out in the local bar. That and the occasional boar-fish.

Lol well thank you! It definitely took a while! We probably spent over 200 hours working on the buildings alone, not including the signs!

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Feel free to join our server for a better view! My graphics are down super low due to lag, but you are more than welcome! :slight_smile: Thank you for the compliment! :smile:

How did you do that art

We did the art with the use of a SignArtist plugin on the server! Example: /sil

Fabulous guys! Shows that Rust can be so much more than just ‘fucking shit up’. Well done :slight_smile:

Thank you Ruztzilla! Lol it has definitely been a fun build! We’ll be sad to see it go when wipe happens again, but there will be a part two I assure you! :wink: