Check this(Gmod 10)!!!

Check out my video guys , “GaRRy’s BUG”. , You Tube.the second is on the way!!!


Please be troll please be troll

He’s already banned anyway. :v:

Why would anyone make a 5 minute troll video?

Over 9000 is not funny anymore


I find it funny that he just comes here, makes no contribution to any of the other threads and instantly go “omg goys watch my video is so epicz!!!11”
If your gonna show off your work at least do it because you are a part of the forum and not just use it as a way to advertise your shitty stuff.

Oh wat.

This was a serious attempt at making a Gmod movie?

Oh lawd.

FUCKING intro raped my headset… but i agree, don’t be advertising your shit if you don’t do anything for the forum.

Ugh, memes that have gotten old long ago.

Also, there’s such thing as a videos forum. Check it out.

cl_drawhud 0

Lol, he posted it here first.