Check your corners

my very first scene posted on Fp. advice?

Don’t use toytown, backup and zoom in, don’t use sharpen, if you aren’t sure it’s thread worthy,

under stood

I suppose it is time for someone to point out what’s good about the picture. For the most part, the posing seems to be good (I am diggin’ that posing on the Crysis guy). I also noticed that you made use of the fingerposer tool. Not every new poster does that. Overall, I like the picture, although keybladebearer is right. Don’t use sharpen, and backup and zoom in (and I suppose don’t use toytown, I didn’t really notice it).

Practice your posing, take as long as you need to in every pose to get it right, Rushed work isn’t nice.

thank ya man! posted a better made one on the here i think…ill keep working at it.

Miight want to put the left most guy’s back asctually on the wall. H looks a bit goffy in his current posture…

Posing is good, but I was expecting Aliens, dang.