Checkerboard reflection problem?

After a long time, I suddenly felt the urge to create some sort of scene in Gmod, but I cannot access my props without everything that is reflective in the world turning into checkerboards. Is there a special way to take care of this? (this problem occurs whenever the spawn icons load)

Looks like a Cubemap error, what map are you on?


But this happens in pretty much all maps.

This exact same thing keeps happening to me. It’s ridiculously annoying. I’m always on maps where I have all of the content required, and when I ask for help someone says “you’re missing content. go buy the game.”

It’s just an overlay on some objects. All I know is that if you enter buildcubemaps into the console, it essentially reloads the map and they’re gone, but that takes so long first of all, and second of all it’s all wasted as it is only a matter of minutes before it comes back again…

then pose your stuff and then build cubemaps