Checking herself out in the mirror

Just having fun with the mirror in Geekroom.

Problem with the mirror is it doesn’t reflect quality.

Never did like that model all that much, posing is alright though.

That model is pretty bad…

Gotta agree.

there’s a rollermine above her

I’ll be sure to pose some CoD models next time shooting offscreen. I’ll also remember to desaturate it heavily.

You do realize that it’s possible to have an original idea that doesn’t involve the use of an ugly model, right?

Shut up.

Because your picture is an original concept

Chesty, thanks for contributing to the thread. Couldn’t have done it without you!

On a second note, when I posted the model, it got several hundred downloads, so I’m going to go ahead and say some people like it. If you don’t, tough shit, find another thread.

It’s the tits. Nothing else seems to matter.

No sense fighting the primal urges.

I guess I’m the only one who really likes the model so far. Hell, I liked it back when I had it in ut2004. Any who, cool pic. The mirror kind of makes everything all jaggy though. But I’m guessing that the mirror is just a RT camera thing. Not much can be done about that, it makes everything jaggy. Overall good concept though.


Thanks dude. Yeah the map has an RT camera mirror. I thought it was a neat idea, because it’s one of those RATS maps where everything is very large and detailed, so I scaled up the model 32 times to be to-scale.

How did you scale the model anyway?