Checking input with VGUI Textbox

Hi there, I am attempting to make a Text Input spawner, which will allow you to spawn NPC’s by just typing their name.

I have it working just fine spawning a single NPC but I would like the user to be able to input a number of how many NPC’s they would like to spawn, for example to spawn a single headcrab it would look like headcrab(). But to spawn say 10 headcrabs the user would input headcrab(10).

This is all the relevant code I have at the moment which all works.
[lua]function PANEL:GetEntryValue()
return self.TextEntry:GetValue()

function PANEL:SetEntryValue(Text)

function PANEL:Submit()
local Text = self:GetEntryValue();

if Text == "headcrab()" then
	RunConsoleCommand("NPC_create NPC_headcrab");
elseif Text && #Text > 0 then
	RunConsoleCommand("say", "invalid NPC")


Could anyone help me or give me tips on how I would get just the number between the brackets. As in my example headcrab(10), just get the number 10 from that line of text.

I hope this all makes sense and thank you in advance!


[lua]local npc_name, npc_count = text:match( “([%w_]+)%((%d+)%)” );[/lua]

Here’s a wiki article on them if you want to know more about them…

You might do this:

[lua]function PANEL:Submit()
local Text = self:GetEntryValue()

 local num1 = string.find(Text, "%(")
 local num2 = string.find(Text, "%)")
 local numToSpawn = string.sub(Text, num1, num2)

 if Text == "headcrab()" then  
      for i = 1, numToSpawn do
           RunConsoleCommand("NPC_create NPC_headcrab")
 elseif Text && #Text > 0 then  
      RunConsoleCommand("say", "invalid NPC")  


I’m not sure if this would work.

Why do this when you can do what nevec said?

It’s almost the same.

The difference is that yours doesn’t work. You either need to remove the ( ) and its contents or use a pattern for the if. Mine gets the npc name and count in a single line.

What? Do you mean that numToSpawn or whatever is (1) and not just 1 or something?
If that’s what you mean, all you have to do is
local numToSpawn = string.sub(Text, num1 + 1, num2 - 1)

[lua]if Text == “headcrab()” then[/lua]

It obviously won’t be equal to that if it ends with, say, (23).

Oh, duh. And if he’s making this, why does it only work for headcrabs?

Thank you very much for all the replies! Really helpful :smiley:

sorry I have not checked back since, been quite busy. I shall implement a solution using one of the ways tomorrow and see if it works fine, and check back if anybody still cares :stuck_out_tongue:

And indeed I will just not be making it for headcrabs.

Then you’ll have to make it where the word doesn’t have to be headcrab(), for reasons that Nevec said.