Checking player

How would i check of a player is in a table or something and if he is on the the table or something it would execute a function?

I need easy adding and deleting and reading of the storing so would a potential use be GLON?


Wait, what? Doesn’t that just check if the guy is a player?


Also how do make a console command to do something like this:

addenforcer Hogofwar 24

Adding the hogofwar and 24 bit to use in a function?

Not a “Prop” table I mean in a lua table! Sorry if I was unclear

If you’re looking for a known player in a table do

if table.HasValue(mytable, myplayer) then
–do things

I think that’s what you mean.

Quick thing, how do i get the player’s steam id?

Oh doesn’t matter got it.

Btw yeah, that’s what i need thanks!



= y

Does it check for x or y?

It checks for the value, so y.