checking the model of an entity

Is there a way to check to see if an entity has a certain model?

Im trying to identify an entity based off of its model, like identifying a buggy. If the model matches, then it activates something else


[lua]if ent:GetModel() == “modelname” then
– Code

To identify a buggy you might want to test the entity with IsVehicle first.

okay, that seemed to work, but i want to try and make it a bit more simple. What i want is for it to check to see if the model is not something

if (Ent:GetModel() == “models/katharsmodels/contraband/zak_wiet/zak_wiet.mdl”) then return end

I want it to check to see if its not “models/katharsmodels/contraband/zak_wiet/zak_wiet.mdl”
and then if its not then to return and end

[lua]if Ent:GetModel() ~= “models/katharsmodels/contraband/zak_wiet/zak_wiet.mdl” then return end[/lua]


[lua]if not Ent:GetModel() == “models/katharsmodels/contraband/zak_wiet/zak_wiet.mdl” then return end[/lua]