Checking who killed more on the round

Hello Guys. I’m trying to check who killed more on the round, how can I do that?

Hook into PlayerDeath and add a score for the attacker in some table, then at the end of the round, access that table with something like GetWinningKey.
Alternatively, if your gamemode uses Frags to store player kills, you can just access those.

I wanna try something like the player ID in server (If I joinned first, I’ll be the ID 1), but I don’t know if when the player disconnect, my ID change or still the same. Can You tell me?

Yes, use pdata or something to store data if you want it to persist.

How can I do that?

Through the magic of google

There’s no way to save to kills for an unique ID like in the old CS?

You would have to code it (pretty easy when you look over everything that’s been linked to you in this thread), if that’s what you’re asking. It doesn’t exist by default.