"Checkmate, General." - Suit guy walks away from the door.


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He’s not walking.

One foot is lifting off the ground… kinda suggest walking to me.

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I don’t get why his legs are so bowed though.

Are you sure? It looks like he’s standing there bow legged.

foot is hidden.

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and I didn’t posed well. sorry man

More appropriate title would have been: guy standing away from a door.

He doesn’t really look like he’s walking.

Looks great, except for it looks like he’s looking slightly to the right (left from our perspective).

What model ya got there? Custom?

Maybe that’s intentional.

why would he be wearing a suit? go with a revolver and a more casual stance. the m16 and the gas mask make this look too militarized. use a bubble gas mask as well.

less hollywood silliness and more reality.

my 2 cents.

Cuz I love those models? and it looks good for terrorist?