Since i don’t think it’s going to be edited, i’m just going to share it… Anyways, first image that i actually think it’s thread-worthy, i couldn’t find any music or sounds to make it better so any suggestion is welcome[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]

Bonuses!:[/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb][/IMG_thumb] [IMG_thumb]

So, what do you think?

That is one awesome sceenbuild, also the bonuses are great!

Love the scenebuild, good job Rama.

Nice one.

BTW, where did you get the Land Rover from?

Firearms Source 2, there’s a lot of useful stuff in that game, from foliage, to map-props, and even the ragdolls

For a first pic good posing and lighting!

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Oh i almost forget to said where d you get this weapon from? btw It being around steam workshop or anything?

Pretty well posed man nice job.

I’m working on it, since i didn’t saw any weapon with a thermal or night vision scope yet, i asked a friend to port it from ArmA 2 (i think?), and i’ll improve it. Or at least try to

Bottom right picture, where you get those models? Dat SKS doe! ;_ ;

That’s the Insurgency’s SKS viewmodel

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Oh, and those are CoD BLOps 1/2 cubans

I really like the first one and this bonus:

They really remind me of Arma 3. Nice job, man!

lighting looks really lifeless, i dont mind it so much on your 1st pic since it looks fitting with how symmetrical and orderly everything looked
but your bonuses have this serious lack of ambient lighting that should logically bounce around to avoid areas falling into complete black

Well, the bonus desert scenebuild was half-way there when i lost inspitation so i threw like 2 or 3 lamps and done… And the Metro inspired one is actually a map, and as i was testing it, i wanted to do something and not left it to rot in the darkness, but i’ll keep that in mind for the next time

avoid lighting up scenes with strictly lamps
youre really good at it, but ambient lighting is often done with just the simpler light tool, using lower values can really diminish the problem with how everything just slowly fades to black when theyre not in direct contact with the lamp

I’m definetly going to try that next time, thanks man