Checksum does not match cannot play procedural map servers

Cannot play this game at all after the patch please help… Experimental version was playing fine yesterday enjoying the game very much now I just get this.

I am on windows 7 32 bit and cannot change this computer to 64 bit for certain networking things I do. This game was playable yesterday and I can still play harpe island.

As explicitly documented in today’s devblog, either the server you’re trying to connect to is out of date and needs to be updated, or something’s wrong with your install of the game.

Right-click on Rust in Steam, properties, Local files tab, hit Verify integrity of game cache.

If it’s still happening after you do that, the server’s out of date, and all you can do is wait until the server admin updates it. It’s not unusual for servers to be out of date for 12-24 hours after a patch, since admin have to spend a bit of time dealing with the update. It is not a completely automated process (although certain hosting providers might offer custom update automation).

There is 100 people online the server. I have tried reinstalling my game, making sure I deleted all the rust data folders that do not get deleted when uninstalling. I have verified game integrity and nothing has worked. I am 99% sure it is because I am on a 32 bit client of windows as all my 64 bit client friends who have played on the server before the patch with me are able to play now. Maybe something needs to be updated in our rust folders to change the checksum of 32 bit client users. Here you can see my checksum is not what it should be compared to a 64 bit client -

edit: Tried 4 other servers all with 100 + people (even a 250 player server) and all give me the checksum error.

I’m having the same exact issue.

I verified the integrity, tried 5 different servers (each with 100+ members in them) and still got the checksum error.

Then I re-installed the game and restarted the whole process with the same results. “checksum error” on every single server.

I have friends currently playing the servers I’m trying to join so it’s obviously not an out of date server. If anyone could provide some help it would be greatly appreciated!!

Hey are you 32 or 64 bit?

not sure, how do i check?

edit: i assume its 32 bit, on a 2013 macbook pro.

You haven’t shown us what your friends with 64-bit clients get for checksums, only your own, so, no, I don’t see a comparison being made. It might be a bug, but there could be other reasons.

Your Nvidia video driver is also nine months out of date. The latest version is 341.44. That shouldn’t cause checksum errors, but your machine is also pushing the lower limits of the specifications already.

If you’re playing on OS X, you’re 64-bit. If you’re playing in Windows via bootcamp, you SHOULD be 64-bit, but you’ll be able to tell in the System applet in Control Panel, under “System type”. It should say “64-bit Operating System”.

i realize the game is in alpha and updates are constantly being made. But would they really phase out 32 bit users without prior warning?

I just downloaded this game last week and it’s been running great on lower graphic settings. After the update today though I haven’t been able to join any servers.

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K thanks, so it must be something else then.

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damn anyone else having issues? Rust has not provided any updates on this error. Hopefully when more complaints come in they’ll address this.

Yep, Checksum does not match…I’m on an iMac ios x - I was playing on a modded server perfectly fine yesterday. All my peeps are ON right now!! and I’m out in the cold :frowning: Please tell me I didn’t spend $20 for nothing…please fix this…

yah this sucks lol

If you are getting the checksum error on every server you try and connect to (while people are clearly playing on them), go into the Betas tab of Rust’s properties in Steam and opt into the development branch. Steam will download an update to Rust and then you will be on the latest development version, ahead of the stable update.

The servers you normally connect to (on the stable branch) shouldn’t show up unless the development branch hasn’t had an update uploaded to Steam since the stable patch update, but I really doubt that’s the case. Instead, you’ll see development servers. Try connecting to them.

Also disable any antivirus or firewall you might be running, temporarily, while trying to get past the checksum error.

Still have the same problem. tried the options above, but did not solve anything.

Check which branch you are on and make sure it’s set to ‘none’.

Wheres that unless you mean beta opt ins?

Same problem here. I’m able to play the new island and can’t play the original map. There is one server I am able to play on with the latest update though but can’t seem to join any of the others. I’m running on a Mac OS X and i’ve also been doing some research about this and it turns out that this error is happening to most or maybe all of the Apple MAC users. Worse day ever for my windows to stop working :frowning:

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If someone does find a solution please post about it. I want to play with my friends sooo badly! :(((((((

Considering it was the middle of the night in the UK, where FP Studios is based, when this thread went up, I think expecting a response within an hour or two is so unrealistic it’s silly. The devs read the forum, but they don’t respond to every single thread and they don’t spend all their time on the forums constantly refreshing in order to see everything the instant it goes up. They’re, y’know, actually building Rust.

This is definitely a problem and I imagine they’ll get a fix out for it soon, but have some patience.

Just to confirm, you can connect to servers running the Hapis Island map, but any servers (other than the one) that are running the Procedural map (the one everyone was using before this updated introduced Hapis) give you the checksum error, correct?

Can you post the IP address and port of the server that does work so other people who’re having the error can try connecting to it?

This does not mean people should advertise their servers. Don’t do it.

Yes everything you said is correct. It seems windows 32 bit and mac users are getting this error and I pray to god you can fix this as I am really loving the game at the moment and this obviously makes the game unplayable 100% . Here is the ip of a server I played alot before the update and currently cannot play ANY server with the procedural map -

Correct elix! Server name: ANZUS Australia and IP address:

Thanks for the IP, Josh Teddy. Can other people having this problem try and connect to that server to see if they get the checksum error?

I don’t care about IP addresses for servers you can’t play in, joesmoh, and I wasn’t asking you. Also, I am not a Rust dev, or even a FP Studios employee. I, personally, can’t do anything about this problem.

As an aside, FP Studios staff are light blue, like layla. garry is regular blue, but he’s garry.
Forum moderators (who are not FP Studios staff, and not developers) are green.
People with my colour are Gold Members, which in practice means nothing except that we have larger, animated avatars and access to a couple subforums that are nothing special.

Note: Some FP Studios employees actually are moderator green instead of staff light blue, but most mods are volunteers with no direct access to the dev team.

Hmm, it’s got a 6km map. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Incidentally, the server joesmoh linked is a 4km map, and also happens to be offline at the moment.

I have the same problem with the error “Disconnected: Checksum does not match”, the IP of the server where it’s happen is (Server name: La Isla).

I have tryed all that you posted but anything can’t resolve it.

Thanks for the help.