"Cheer up" Alexi Makarov interrogation


Basically what the title says. Please postive and constructive criticism please. Thanks!

Too dark, horrid posing, blood spam, overall crap picture.

Thanks. :confused:

I strongly disagree.

I fail to see the blood spam, the posing is not bad, infact its a little above ok and it may be dark but it gives the feeling of an interrogation room.

I also detect some random blur around Makarov’s leg and the angle could have been alot better if you zoomed in a little bit.

It really isn’t that good man. Work on posing man.

How can you tell? The picture is way to dark to tell what the hell is going on.

I think I can see what you were trying to do, and with proper execution, it could have been pretty good.

It’s Alexei.