"Cheers, mate!"

I used motion blur to make it look like the Demoman was quickly raising the bottle (lol, drunkard).

Big fight. The RED demo just blew up, what he thinks, the final members in the BLU team.
But a medic appears, and avenges his friends death.

Also - corpses in background. Look closely, and you may see the fact that Demoman is a teamkiller :3


I forgot to use “jpeg_quality 1000” on this one :frowning:

Is he shaking the bottle violently or what?

If anone can think of a good thing for the medic to say, please tell and I’ll add it to the picture :slight_smile:


He’s making an upward movement. I’ll see what I can do to fix it…

The blood stands out too much on the wall.

Does this look better?



The idea for the blood literarelly hit me in the face. You know the RagMod? It doesn’t allow you to Sprint-NoClip, but I did it anyway, and flew straigh into the wall, and I was like: HEY, This could look good!

But, do you know a good TF2 Blood Paint, or something, I could use?


… Why did you include a picture of Marty McFly.


because the actor who played him has parkinsons, and the demo-man looks like he has parkinsons.

Use a TF2 blood spray or something.
I’m not sure if they have that thing.

What? He’s raising the bottle, dammit.


Would become very irritating, because the spray would have to be gigantic.

yeah, but the motion blur makes it look like he’s shaking the bottle

Look again.

I edited it.

Just the bottom part really.