CHEESEBURGER APOCALYPSE 1 & 2 (Gmod/L4D2 miniseries)


ATTENTION ZERGLINGS: It has been a wonderful first day here at Facepunch. During my first 5 minutes, I posted three threads which unfortunately were in the wrong section. I have thanked Santz for pointing me in the right direction, however, it seems the mindless masses are hellbent on spamming my inbox and these threads letting me know that it’s in the wrong section. Stop snorting bottles of ink, stop injecting lead into your eyeballs, and stop posting on this thread… LET… IT… DIEEEEEEEE.

Why do people make these still? They’re not funny.

Could you make just ONE thread for all your videos? Its kinda annoying to have 2-3(Possibly more I presume) threads from you in this section at the same time.

Also, you might consider posting this on the Movies Sub-forum, you will get better C&C and attention there.


I liked the part where you didn’t even watch the second one.

I would be great if you completely erase the first one and made the second one on it’ own.

I had actually thought of that when I made the second one. You convinced me, I just changed the name of the first one to be more fitting, and renamed part 2 as just Cheeseburger Apocalypse.

I like the part where I didn’t bother because I didn’t like the first one.

Could you stop posting in this section aswell, it’s the wrong section for videos to go in, they’re meant to go in the videos section and not this part.

don’t bother,we keep telling him but he still post here

I posted the threads yesterday 4 minutes after registering, but someone showed me the correct thread shortly thereafter. If you had any ounce of intelligence you would stop posting on threads that are in the wrong section and just let them die.

Idon’t get what the fuzz is about, as an fan of YTP’s I quite enjoyed this.


Oh shit I didn’t see the “Let this thread die” part, My high excuses for this post that prevents it from dieing.