Cheeta stalks her prey

Just trying out various editing styles. Its a female Cheeta stalking some Gazelle by an African Dock. Oh, and that’s a vulture flying by. I blew the freakin’ brains out of an Elephant offscreen.

Wow thats different

Oh god what the hell did you make, it BURNS. Just look at the scenery man :l the cheetah looks tense too

Very new, I like it.

haha, thats because it gets so bright/hot in Africa, it gives you heatstroke, dehydrated, ect. I wanted the picture to resemble a nature cam, but you can’t see the filter grain I put…

Those gazelle are pretty deaf and blind.
Picture is really empty.
Burning on the Cheetah is too excessive for the lighting.
SHEF is hella ugly.
Picture is too small.
Borders are unnecessary.

It’s a massive shame because the idea is very original.

The Male Gazelle is cautious, see him? The one with the big ass horns on his head.

Its supposed to be empty,its africa?..

I didn’t burn the cheeta at all :science:

Ya I know

On purpose, so that it doesn’t show that fuzziness around the models like my chimera picture.

Borders are for decoration, everyone does it(or at least the cool kids), and I always use them in ALL my pics :dance:

Just take the criticism.

And you could of made some grass or something, it doesn’t really look like Africa… More like some random Mediterranean island.
Also, the posing looks a little stiff, and the Gazelle doesn’t really look cautious, to me it seems like he’s looking at the bird.

Okay so the SHEF must have made the ugly darkness on the cheetah. That doesn’t excuse it, actually that makes it worse because SHEF ruined the picture even more than I thought was possible.

The gazelle doesn’t look cautious at all, it looks like it’s looking at that bird. And the gazelle shouldn’t be cautious it should be running for its life because there is a cheetah stood stupidly out in the open, so obviously in sight that no functioning animal could miss it.

That picture of Africa. Notice something about it? Yeah. The grass. Your picture doesn’t look anything like that reference picture.

I know what borders are for but they don’t look good. People don’t use them as much any more because we know real ways to make our pictures look good, rather than cheap embellishment (like SHEF).

I always sue SHEF, and alot of my other pics get good criticism even though I use it. heck, I use SHEF in ALL my pics.

It’s head is actually turned towards the cheeta, hard to notice, but it’s eye is eyeing the cheetah. It isn’t running because its a PICTURE. Pictures don’t move,silly.

I don’t know how to do grass, and I don’t have grass brushes.

Borders I like, you no like, me no care, because its my art style.

I use SHEF with a twist :buddy: