Cheetah 3D for Source?

anyone know how I can either get models from ZBrush or Cheetah 3D (im using Mac OS X versions) into Gmod?

I would be ok with downloading Blender if I can put my models made in the other programs into that only to export into a compatible file type if that is possible

First off? It’s a very, very, VERY bad idea to put ZBrush models into any game engine. Any. It produces the most insanely high-poly models, you can’t even get CryEngine to handle that shit.

If you really want to, however, you can try. First, get Blender. 3DS or Maya would also work, but Blender is free. In ZBrush, export as an OBJ file. In Blender, import the OBJ. Then, start simplifying the model. A lot. Any more than 10k tris will make most computers lag. You’ll probably have to learn how to use the editor a bit to get it down that far without fucking it up. You may also need to rig it and UV map it, if it isn’t that way already.

Then, follow any tutorial for exporting from Blender to SMD. I won’t bother repeating what a quick Google could tell you better.

You’ll probably want to use your high-poly model to bake a normal map. Wikibooks has a tutorial on that, but you’ll need to have cut down the polycount to usable beforehand.

As for Cheetah3D, you’re on your own for, since I’ve never heard of it before now. Wikipedia tells me it’s a very basic editor, Mac-only, and that it can export to more common formats. You’ll have to figure it out from there.

hmm alright thanks for the info. Especially the not using Zbrush models one. I am new to all of this. I don’t really no anything about UV mapping or normal mapping or what baking a normal map is so is there any like page that you know of off hand that has some tutorials or help to explain it to me? I have tried google but everything I find kind of assumes I already know what I am doing with all of that. I also have 0 experience or knowledge of how to texture

Ah, well, that’s a problem then. Garrysmod REQUIRES every model to have a UV map and texture. It literally can’t put them in-game otherwise.

Unfortunately, you’ll probably have to learn a bit. I suggest, at least chapters 1 and 2.

Yeah I have tried that tutorial before =P It is just something about Blender I find unnecessarily hard to use… or at least hard to learn. It is useful though If I can model in Cheetah and then export it to blender to then export it to the Elder Scrolls or Gmod and other shit like that