Cheifehs Semi Serious DarkRP

Ok so we just bought this brand new Dark Rp server and added about 15 custom jobs made with Cheif Tiger’s DarkRP class maker it is and extremely good class maker.

The custom jobs:
S.W.A.T Team
Pet(Kitty model)
Drug dealer
Ninja Master
Security Guard
Wire Technician(Still trying to fix)
Undercover Cop(You are able to look like a citizen but be a cop, can only be used if you are a cop)
Spy(You can be disguised as a cop)
Mayor’s Bodyguard
(All of these classes have colors that we picked out ourselves we did not copy)

Server IP:

RP Owners:{CS} «¦HG¦»Burnt Toast|A|, {CS} €hïëf †ïçër™

So come join and have fun!

The classes seem pretty random. I won’t judge it by that though, gonna see what the server is like later today.

Make it so that a spy can open police doors and to prevent people of finding out thier actual classes you make the colors all the same.

It’s beast here.

This is another boring server. Stand out and use a different gamemode