Chell escaping glados.

Yeah I was going to make something exciting with chell dodging turrets and stuff, but I couldnt access any good portal maps… And I didnt have any open turrets so… This is what I made.

And the original, I used 2 pics so I just put them both into one, you can figure it out.

C&C !! :slight_smile:


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this is good, the portal effect is really well done, only complaint is that the “<3 chell” looks a bit pasted on

Thanks :slight_smile:

I also just noticed, I shouldn’t have zoomed in when I took a pic of glados…

lol portal 1 glados

Do you have any idea how hilarious your avatar makes this post?


Also is there a portal 2 glados? >.>

Inb4 late ratings.

Yes, here.

Wow thats delicious, thanks! :smiley: