Chell is soooo dead.

Those cubes are going to smash that window RIGHT in.
Scenebuild on GM_Bigcity.

Less transparant window/shitload harder to see version:

That looks awesome ^^
Nice work

Hard to see the cubes, but it still looks cool. Good scene build too, I wouldn’t have ever guessed this to be in gm_bigcity.

gm_bigcity :aaaaa:

Yea the glass is too opaque, it makes it hard to see what’s behind it.

Also you forgot to press render when using the Super DoF.

Render doesn’t work. :frown:
It crashes GMod.


I knew it might turn into a problem, so I used the color tool and made the tube she was in TRANSPARANT :buddy:

Nice use of the world model.

This is so nice, who cares if sdof isn’t rendered, it’s still beautiful! Love the smoke effect in the BG and the electricity coming off the cubes, too. This is a work of art and I hope you had fun making it because that’s all that counts! :keke:

the field of view of this is absolutely stunning!!! i love everything about this picture! it looks just like portal! LOL!

Gotta agree. This is amazing.

I sense a bit of sarcasm. I’m not sure, so I’m gonna say at least one of you is being a douchebag. :v:

The lighting is also quite excellent. It’s a brilliant job.
And this has a pretty damn good prop placement. I like the idea of the Aperture Science work desks in a testing area. Very unique take on Portal.

And the Anger Sphere just strikes me as an even darker hidden purpose.

:geno: Stop breaking my sarcasm-detector.

stop being such a fag with your sarcastic criticism like 69105

If butthurter wasn’t posting the problems then he wouldn’t get any critisism ya muppet. 69105 posts real critisism not like kurit, and i don’t see anyting usefull from you. Eventually mister asshole is going to make you better.
Now let my asshole skills go: The lighting is really bad Yoces and i could point stuff, but has been said in a sarcastic way.


You should make the brightness lower, because Portal is based on a laboratory which is darn dark.

Thanks. I might be able to fix my sarcasm-detector, but you assholes made me pay a hundred bucks for repair. :argh:

Wouldn’t the portal gun look better if you actually downloaded a handheld portal device swep, desactivated the hud using another mod and just placed yourself in noclip so the ragdoll’s hand looks like the players hand ?

The model would not have looked like cubic shit then.

Good idea. Never thought of that…

Or you could spawn a viewmodel instead.

Dangit, why do people come up with good ideas when the picture is DONE? :saddowns: