Chell player modell error?

On my server, whoever is the Chell player model, they’re an error. I’m not sure what it could be, but I think it might lie around the mount.cfg file.

  "cstrike"          "../gmodbase/cstrike"
  "dod"              "../gmodbase/dod"
  "tf"               "../gmodbase/tf"
  "hl2mp"            "../gmodbase/hl2mp"
//  "zps"              "../sourcebase/orangebox/zps"
//  "pvkii"            "../sourcebase/orangebox/pvkii"
//  "dystopia"         "../sourcebase/orangebox/dystopia"
//  "ageofchivalry"    "../sourcebase/orangebox/ageofchivalry"
//  "insurgency"       "../sourcebase/insurgency"
  "ep2"              "ep2"
  "episodic"         "episodic"
  "lostcoast"        "lostcoast"
  "hl1"              "hl1"
  "hl1mp"            "hl1mp"
  "zeno_clash"       "zeno_clash"
  "portal"           "portal"
  "diprip"           "diprip"
  "left4dead2"       "left4dead2"
  "left4dead"        "left4dead"
  "portal2"          "portal2"
  "swarm"            "swarm"
  "nucleardawn"      "nucleardawn"
  "dinodday"         "dinodday"
  "csgo"             "csgo"

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Your mount.cfg can’t just be the name of the game. It has to be a full path. Are you ruining a windows or Linux server?

It’s a Windows server, dedi box.

Than your mount paths have to start with C:/