Chell's Frustation with Personalities

And the anger core has a foot fetish.

I love the way that anger core actually looks like he’s focusing on her feet.

In the original portal, the anger core is raging because he’s having a huge orgasm.

Hahah. :v:

Oh god yes… Moar feet:gizz:
Rate heart everyone. This is love.

Anger core “Fuckin feet how do they work!?!?”

[sp]you get it, because he doesn’t have legs :v:[/sp]


The anger core seems to be relaxed…
The feet have the power to stop its rage!

You’ve done it again. You’re brilliant at them there portul poses.

where is wheatleys dick at

The question is, where is the anger core’s dick at.

It’s a cult of personality.

From personal experience, I believe she can say that it is a cult.

Foot fetisch robots, I can now die peacefuly.