Chemical Warfare

alternative titles: Irradiated Death, Toxic Holocaust, Nuclear Assault

had some trouble with color compression but managed to mask the worst of it i think

dude closest to the camera has a sort of a grey highlight problem, but i kept it that way because making those parts properly bright looked distracting



well shit, that detailed ground, sky, and general atmosphere are both visually and conceptually stunning. Easily one of my favorite works of yours.

Love the colors on this one.

Sick. I kept wondering how you did the terrain, but then realised what it is. Minor complaint is that the tree in far right is stretched. I think that’s the model of the tree though. Mask has some really good dead trees in his scenebuild pack somewhere.

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The light green smoke on the ground is really epic as well.

oh fuck i forgot to check Masks stuff and just used stock HL2 trees

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yeah it’s a bit of a deviation from my usual blue-orange and pseudorealistic styles

ive used the green-gold-blue combo only once before

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tbh it would be monstrously better if i had managed to faithfully replicate my original vision, but i can only do so much

i did use soft lamps more extensively this time though

Dangit I was hoping for Slayer

I absolutely love the green and browny colours in this, makes it feel almost like a bog. Great job dude!

thanks, and if you look closely you can see that there’s a bit of shallow and very murky water in puddles all around, so it’s kind of a bog - with liquified organs and blood mixing with the mud

Best overlays you’ve ever done, and finally something that isn’t blurange.

The backpack of the dude on the far left is kind of illuminated. Is it a separate prop or something? I know there’s a problem with gm_black where if you spawn something right at the place your character spawns, it gives off a white reflection from the bottom room inside the map. Seems like that’s what happened to me at least.

Pretty sure that’s part of the highlights problem Joazzz mentioned

that, and a texture thing. the backpack has a much lighter texture than the rest of the armor

i’m going to do something about that now that i think about it

RIP heretics.
[sp]Solid piece of work my man.[/sp]

alternate thread music :v:

awesome work as always joazzz

Really good man, the colours, lighting and posing are spot on!

god ill never find out how to make a photoshopped sky