Chernobyl wasteland

Yet another scenebuild.

C&C greatly appreciated!

most fucking impressive

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it sorta reminds me of my early work, except you did the reactor housing much better

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also, exposed neck; that guy is dead as a potato

i think you should have blurred the background a little bit since, authentic as it is, the NPP doesn’t look too great imo. very very lovely scenebuild though

Damnit, spent an hour posing him.

Yeah, I notice looking at him afterwards.

Yeah, I used SDOF on the front picture.
Then ofcourse I added in the NPP using greenscreen and kind of forgot blurring it throughout editing the rest.

I guess I kind of rushed it since I was planning to add in loads of detail to the NPP.

maybe my vision’s getting worse with age but before seeing the alternate angles i thought of asking him what Chernobyl map this was made on

I think it needs a little bit of fog or mist to make it seem more dead and abandoned; otherwise it looks great.

I tried doing that.
Probably didn’t add enough fog though.

Did you use that fog “block” that is in the entities menu or something? Its in the Q menu somewhere…

Great friggin work!

Most bodacious.

nice picture, and where can I get that ground prop model? It looks really useful.

Wait, so what map is it?

(calm down, I know it’s a scenebuild)

Yeah I did use that. I used it for two purposes; adding in the fog the further you go but also as a greenscreen.
Then ofcourse the NPP was also ingame and the fog probably is kinda off on it because of its size and distance.

I used big mountain rocks/blocks which I textured with dirt.
Then ofcourse because they were so big, they had sharp edges and had an ugly texture, so I placed small rocks over only the area which you could see in the picture.
I have no idea which map they’re from but I’ll take a look if I can find them somewhere.