Cherry Tapping.

**Bonus **

More bonus

Turn out the Red in the meet the videos is a lot more orange.

lat bonus

Bonus (fuck you I’ll post as many god damn bonuses as I want)


Bonus round 2 set 2

Worst feeling in the world.

At least it wasn’t a Medic with a Blutsauger.

Engie! You got a gun, shoot him back!

I lol’d at the engineer’s expression in the 2nd to last frame.


also direct hit is a monster

but i dunno if they nerfed it but when i played i used it all the time

Hurr, my good lad.

I know how that feels.

Very well done comics, the expressions are excellent.

5 ways to avoid that:

  1. Wrench that bastard
  2. Just stand behind your sentry and whack it with a dispenser supplying you
  3. Hit him with your pistol
  4. Blast him with your shotgun
  5. Wait for a teammate to come and kill him.

Or, you know, Wrangler.

Good comic.

All of those except the last one (which rarely happens) Have a low chance of succeeding.

This has much truthiness.

Bonus added.

Nice comics brother. Both are very funny.

Hate when scouts do that…

Scout is box?


Give me scouts

More Bonuses

Oh god Scout everywhere I’m turning into a less gay Rong


Scouts face in the first comic is priceless.

Last bonus added.

I love the one with Scout talking to his mom.
Probably your best pic yet.

Indeed, my child.

200x better than half of the square root of the stuff here :wink: