chest burster SNPC

i made an ok… Snpc of the chestburster from AVP
it features: Acid blood, (glitch: no sound, walks off edges and ALOT of health!) (FIXES COMING SOON! and hopefully an icon fix!
Sounds coming soon

Pictures or a video would be nice.

heres the big one with included: snpc, and carterst stargate addon
and 2 proof vids!: SNPC
THX! and im aking for help from silverlan/lord of pain

The hell? I don’t even know who you are.
Anyway, nice 1:1 copy of xystus/dan’s t-rex SNPC, how about at least giving him credits? I mean, it seems all you did was change the model and the sounds.

model manipulator much?

i want to but you see i cant comment on!
and i changed acid blood script too and it is my first project!


Ok! then i will change the descripton and put in THANKS to xystus

i set you a message asking if you could help

I think he already knows that you want his help.

Concept is ok I guess, but a little more work put into it to make it unique and interesting.
Simple model edits of other snpc’s are looked down on by most people as Silverlan pointed out, so working on a custom code would definitely be a plus.

Woah De ja vu…
This is totally off topic but did you make a different thread on his chestburster NPC?


You fucker. You disappoint me op.

Whatever! atleast i shared it with you! @&%/"

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - grea$emonkey))

I also remember another thread about this npc…

Déjà vu:ms:


Ah ok…

Might as well download this… i don’t have much npcs


Oh dear lord the images are terrible

Ah, the model does no show up. I an see the shadow, but not the model

It worked well for me

It doesn’t matter if it 'Worked well for you" If you’re releasing it to the public it needs to work for everyone else. You frustrate me with your stupidity.

I may get banned for this , but DERP

He’s 11, so I wouldn’t blame him.