[CHICAGO] C&M-Gaming: PVP, Sleeper, Rust++, IC, AD, Active Admins, Fun & Friendly..

Server info:
(hit f1 to bring up console; copy and paste the above info and you are good to go).

Owners: Cody, Johnny Topside, Sylvange
[US Dallas by FPSplayers] 24/7, Sleeper, PVP, IC, Airdrops, Rust++, Door-Sharing, No Abuse, Active Admins, Door Sharing, Noob-Friendly, Starter, Wiped 1-10-14

Minimum players for airdrop: 5
Server owners: 3
Up-time: 24/7
Craft-time: Instant
Decay: No
Player limit: (100 slots)

Our admins are caring + loving + understanding, the admins of Cody’s server pledge never to spawn items and to never abuse. The admins also pledged to always listen both sides and collect as much data as possible, as an admin our responsibilities are not to spawn items and joke around, but to attend the other players on the server and to answer every question and help. We all love to joke around, but remember we must take this seriously. We don’t take kindly to hackers, glitchers, or abusers. We all have fun while we play this game and that is understandable.

If you have a problem contact me on the forums or on the server, thank you very much.


FAQ (Frequently asked questions):

Q: Do the admins have to build legitimately?
A: Yes, the admins are not allowed to spawn items and will have to earn everything like a regular player.

Q: Is there a way I can get in-game items?
A: Yes and no. Yes you can earn them in-game, or if you are willing donate to the server for donor perks.
(It takes money to host a server, and donations help the server to improve.)

Q: Will you get more player slots?
A: Yes. If the server receives more popularity then estimated then I will buy a bigger player-limit.

Anymore questions please comment below.


Fixed server bug, and fixed broken url.

The server should finally be fixed sorry for the inconvenience.