[Chicago] PvP|No Sleepers|No Fall Dmg|InstaCraft|Share|NoobFriendly

Name: RapeNation

RapeNation is a brand new rust server aiming to provide the best experience with fair and experienced admins. We will do our best to wade off hackers and control them. We want to expand our community of players and have great fun on our up to 100 person server. All players are welcome including new players.

We plan to create a website in the coming week with things like forums for hacker reports, polls for changes to the server, etc. We want to communicate and take recommendations from the community as much as possible. In the near future, if our player pool expands, we plan to host events if the players are interested.

No Damage From Falling
No tedious crafting times
Share doors with your friends
Starter Kits( /starter)

Type /help for other commands.

For more information message me on here or add me on steam: snoopydawg2

Clean server, admins are prompt