[CHICAGO] Sargent Gaming |Sleepers|PVP|Oxide|Groups|InstaCraft


Hello! We are a brand new 50 slot server trying to get our footing in the rust community and are looking for some active players.

We have 4 active admins on (All in different time zones) to ensure that you have a hacker free experience.

Server Info:
HostName: [CHICAGO] Sargent Gaming |Sleepers|PVP|Oxide|Groups|FastCraft
Slots: 50
Location: Chicago

Groups (Create your own custom groups)
Door Sharing
FastCrafting (2x faster than normal)
Private Messaging
And active admins.
Abandoned Buildings with Random gear
Kits (/kit to see the available kits)
Arena (/arena_join to join the arena)
Current Location(type /where to see where you are at!)

How to Connect:

  1. Start Rust
  2. Push F1
  3. Type “net.connect” In the box and push enter (Make sure to remove the quotations marks)
  4. Enjoy the Server!

Bump, Added in some randomly placed abandoned buildings. Some Contain basic materials (Wood, Hatchet, Food)

Bump, Added some more plugins(Show damage and Force Nudity :D). To use show damage just type /sd in chat.

Bump, Added Arena and Economy! Play In a massive PVP arena against other players to gain money and buy resources at a vender.

Bump, Updated some addons and what not.