Hey all , we just opened our new server for central! We have 4 Admins.
Winterdepth (in-game)
PillowPuncher (in-game)
STUNTGURU (in-game)
Ednos (Server tech)

Check out our website www.stuntinfo.com

(WE ARE NOT SAFEHAVENGUILD.COM) and have nothing to do with that server.

We are all apart of the same gaming community and know eachother.

We are going to be hosting events in the server such as , PVP Tournaments ( We will have our own arena ) Prizes will be a Supply Signal.

Admins are not allowed to give players items, or Kill players.

We also have our own teamspeak for our server.

We are currently looking for players, especially people new to the game to help teach them how the game works.

Its a pvp/sleeper server right now and it will stay that way.

Come check us out!