Hey guys we just recently launched our new server for central players! (CHICAGO) STUNTGURUS SAFEHAVEN

We are looking for new players, to join , we have 100 slots, 4 Admins.

Low Ping.

A Great gaming community, No abusive Admins, we will have Instant Craft hours, and PVP Events that will have prizes, for the winners.

We already have a few regular players, but as of now we have an extremely low population.

We have strict rules due to admins from other servers spawning, C4, Guns, Gear, and Ammunition.
Our admins are not allowed to give ANY player, ANYTHING.

We do not participate in raids, other than watching.

We have an Arena for PVP, Which we do hunger game style tournaments, The Prizes for the first tournament we had were 5 C4, and 250 Wood Planks!

So far we have no bandits on the server and its fairly fresh, were trying to build landmarks so noobs can find where they are.

All of the players we have so far have been very helpful towards eachother.

Come check us out and let us know what you think!

(User was banned for this post ("Make one thread, not EIGHT what the FUCK" - postal))

I’m starting to think all private server owners are retards.

This is the reason I NEVER go on private servers and tell all my friends not to, and to tell their friends not to.