Hey Readers,

Today Ive decided to purchase a VPS for my gaming community but im not sure on specs and stuff.

Memory (RAM): 2048MB
Monthly Bandwidth: 2000 GB
Hard Drive Space: 50GB
IPv4 Public IPs: 1

I was wondering how many Garrysmod servers I could put on this VPS with 20 slots on each server. I hope someone can help me on this as Im not that confident with specs and not sure if its a good for me.



Hello Nerosis.

All diffrent gamemodes uses up diffrent amount of RAM aswell as CPU Usage. And as far as I know, SRCDS is not multi-threading. Which means that it only uses 1 core. My DarkRP server uses up a total of 1.5 GB RAM aswell as 99% CPU usage on 1 core when the server has 24/24 players on it.

I’m not sure on the Monthly Bandwidth though…
For the HDD Space 50 GB is enough, since SRCDS by default takes 6 GB.

TTT gamemode uses around 40-60% on one core with 24 slots. It doesn’t even use up 1 GB of RAM.

What you should be aware of is that you have to put each SRCDS process (each server) on diffrent cores. If you are using Windows you can do that through the Task Manager. I dont know about Linux.
You’ll probably be able to have 1 DarkRP server and 1 TTT server on that VPS.

But as I said, it depends on what gamemode you want to use.

One more thing though, do you have access through Remote Desktop Control or SSH (Secure Shell Access)?
I dont know anything about SSH yet.

Well I have 13 websites, 1 FastDL, and 1 rather popular gameserver and I use around 800GB of bandwidth a month. SRCDS itself can’t use more than 500~ MB of RAM (afaik), so the real issue here will be CPU usage. It really depends on the gamemodes you are hosting.

Thanks for this guys. Im Planning on running a roleplay server, maybe something like “AppleJack” so im not sure how much ram that would take up. Also, When i purchase the vps what kind of thing do i need to do to setup the game server? Would i need to install a panel or what? A Guide would be helpful