These chickens are free range, and the meat can’t get any fresher…

I eat one raw chicken breast, and I’m instantly throwing up?

Salmonella takes at least a day to kick in.

Have you guys never heard of chicken sashimi? They serve it in sushi bars in Kyoto…

I like the idea of spoiled chicken, and I think if you eat the chicken when you first kill it, it should be fine to eat…

Right, so you go eat fresh chicken. And after around 1 ingame day, you suddenly die.

How exactly is that fun?

if you eat it after you kill it, its fine, salmonella takes at least a day to begin dividing and becoming into the dangerous levels.

I assume that’s where the “spoiled chicken” comes into play. Leave Raw Chicken x days in bag/box = Spoiled Chicken.

What’s with nasty, egg laying flies?

Tasty maggotses! Yes! Nooo, dont boil chickens! He Ruins it! Ruins it precious!

what about Magic bottle ?

1 chicken
1 egg of tortle
1teeth of wolf
1 fish

=> +100health in 1sec
=> Movement speed +20% during 4 sec