Chicks from the Subway...not always a good thing.

Just read, my first attempt at a comic:

True story, she didn’t have a dick or anything that was for effect, but she was fugly!

So Rastifan still like chick with dick?

Hey man,you’ll never know (JK)

BTW nice comic man made me laugh.

The “Rastifan! Get in here!!” got me. :v:

Not bad for a first. Like the smoke effect - assuming it’s a premade brush?

My only complaint right now is to work on your speech bubbles a bit - the text doesn’t need to be that big, and the bubbles should have a thicker stroke (I find a 3px stroke works pretty good). A layout wouldn’t be a bad idea, even if its a simple one where each picture has a 10px black border (what I do) and they’re stacked horizontally.

And on a more personal nitpick, try and restrain yourself so the comic is no more than 1024px wide - some people with smaller resolutions don’t like to have to scroll side to side.

That’s all I can really give in regards of criticism. The posing seemed acceptable (not going to judge quality, really, due to the fact its a first comic and there was minimal posing in this particular comic).

Always nice to see a new maker with potential, and I hope to see more from you. :smile:

Sweet work guy!

I can tell you have a very positive future in the world of GMod Comic making! Seeing all these first time comic-ers doing so well, makes my comics look like the aftermath of a laxative taking party.

Chicks with dicks do not turn me on. I do however find them funny. More so the reactions when I pose them:smug:

Which is a long time ago by the way. The humor of it ran dry after some time.

I know you don’t find dick girls sexual I was just making a in joke really, no offense or anything my friend. Just maybe ya might run in and make a GMod pose of a pose sort of thing…I think that make’s sense.

No offense taken:smile: