Chief,Cortana And Arbiter

Another ver.

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Rated funny.

arches eyebrow “Where can one acquire these ragdolls?”

Obvious construct is obvious :ninja::hf::ninja:

cought 6 months bump cought

what? no. it was on the first page when I commented. it was the guy before me.

It’s a 2 week bump so it aint as bad.

I’m sorry it’s not my fault. it was Korro Bravin. please don’t hit me.

I wasn’t talking to you Derive, you fell victim to a bump.

oh… ok… Have a heart in that case :buddy:

I’m extremely frustrated by these images. They mean there is a cortana ragdoll out there that I cannot acquire. Grr!

My god man, look at the dates of the post…

everyone who bumps these threads have one post, do people intentionally sign up to bump ancient threads?

How the fuck do they even find it?


This thread is just one long necro-spree.

Improve your posing, and choose another map…
IF you need help about any Halo/Gmod project, gimme a message :wink:

Don’t bump damnit!