Chief Interrogation Officer tells standard cop to dump the body of executed citizen

Eh, model test.

C&C etc.

Little too much blood on the forehead.

Oh it’s an exit wound but yeah.

Poor male_02.

Nice models.

nice but the blood is true if he’s been bleeding out for a while

The front officer’s chest is stabbing his left arm. :v:

The only problem I’ve ever had with metrocops.


Why didn’t you edit this? It’s far too obvious it’s an in-game pic.

Not everything needs Sup4c00l 3d1t1ng.

This is a pretty good good screenshot, keep it up :smiley:

Considering that this “Sup4c00l 3d1t1ng” can make a picture look like a real photo or art it’s almost criminal that people post unedited pictures.

Because I can’t edit very well.

Plus if I want to use only ingame editing, I will.