Chief Squad is Recruiting

We have our own steam group and about 15 members on our server.

Please add me to steam (I will not be checking Facepunch IMS. My username is Deatrick42.

We are one of 3-4 power groups on our server and we have some fantastic clan vs clan combat.


  1. Be over 18. FFS, please no more 14 year olds.
  2. Be able to use mumble.
  3. Be west coast US, or have tolerable ping on a west coast server.
  4. We play evenings usually, so thats a good time to be on.
  5. Have a little experience with the game. We will hook you up, but I don’t want someone who cant find their way around the map.

Check out this screenshot of one of our raids

playing in such big groups makes it boring for the guys that are in that group. playing with Simon it makes it fun for us to wreck such big groups :open_mouth: