Chiefeh's Zombie Escape Server!

Hello all!

I’m here to invite you all to come beta test our community’s new Zombie Escape server, which happens to be (unless I’m missing something) the first Zombie Escape server introduced to GMod!

[release]Here’s a video showing the gamemode from the Zombie’s point of view (I fixed the sound :unsmith:):

[/release]Just to reiterate, the gamemode is in beta. This means that there will be some bugs and that we will fix them. Also, several game balancing concepts are being worked on as well such as push back for weapons, etc., but to properly test these, we need a near-to-full/full server. We have a very wide selection of maps, and a couple of the maps are using the objective system for the gamemode (ze_lotr_mount_doom_v2_3f and ze_biohazard_v2b_004). I am currently working on an editor for placing objectives on new maps so that they can be completed easier and by admins rather than just me.

Some of you may think, “Why make a gamemode that’s already on another game?” Well, by recreating this gamemode in GMod, it allows me to be able to edit things easily and make it far more custom than it ever could be on CS:S. Plus, it’s not like it hasn’t been done before (deathrun, minigames, etc.).

[release]The IP to the server is:[/release][release]If you would like to make suggestions or report any bugs that you find, please do so on our forums, at:[/release]Feel free to comment about the gameplay experience here, I accept constructive criticism and will check this thread as often as possible, but if you have any bugs/suggestions please keep it in the forum linked above.

Thanks, and have fun!

Now this I can fap to. >:D

Feb/11, 1 post, hmm…

Anyway, doesn’t look bad

If you’re implying that’s me, it’s not. It’s a guy that was in the same TS channel as me when I posted the link in it.

And thanks. :smile:

Actually played with around 12 people in it was fuckin’ fun, wonder what it’d be like with a full server

Currently being DDoSed because someone got perma’d from my TTT for aimbotting.
All skiddies need to die.

Server’s back. :smile:

I’d like to note how much more well structured non-rp advertisements are compared to them.

Anyway, looks pretty good.

I laughed at the end of that video. Especially when he fell in the whole and said the n word haha.

This looks really fun, actually. Did you create the mod yourself?

Yes, the gamemode was coded from scratch by me. A friend designed the background for the scoreboard.

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Also, I will try to get a better video up soon, since that one was recorded while FRAPs had no sound :saddowns: