Child Survivor walking through railway system, he is prepared for whatever.

I kinda didn’t like the angle… but it fits for now.



Holy wall he is small.

Great colors.

It’s cause of the angle… and that he is a kid.

Thanks :buddy:

It looks awesome man, the colors as Bodelan said are great.

But the blur looks kinda strong, I mean it starts too abrubtly?(Dunno how you spell that).

Creative. I like it.

I know what you mean, it’s just that I was trying to focus on the walls and the kid… so it may be that reason why.

It’s great.
Nice work hiding how fuck ugly the child-models are.

Thanks Master. I wish I knew where to get the child models when I was doing the “The Road”-esque screenshot.

Where’d you get the kid model?

It’s one of the HL2 beta models.

Nice job man, you don’t see people use those much.

Hmmm, I think I have an idea.

Thanks for the comments all.

Reminds me of the 2nd part of No Mercy on Left 4 Dead. Cool pic

Oh fuck me, after an hour of posing, I was doing the sequel to:



So like, I gotta ask, people who save. How do you save? My game doesn’t seem to have the option to…

You mean you dont see the saving option? or your game just doesnt save when you click on “save”.

And a solution to any of those is the adv. duplicator tool, it can save poses and scenebuilds pretty well.

I don’t have the clickable “save” option…

Anyway to save in console or something?

You don’t want it. Seriously. It’s bad.

It’s not that bad… if you can edit out all the crappy problems with photoshop lol